Tuna Twist Noodles
Tuna Twist Noodles 43

This is a great meal to prepare in a hurry.Packed with flavour , it's a stir-fry with a MAHI twist!use beansprouts instead of those heavy carb noodles to get all the crunch , taste you need while tacking those hunger pains!

Pre Time And Cook time

Prep Time: 20min
Cook time: 25min

    MAHI Mango & Lime Marinade
    100g Cooked peas
    95g Tin of Tuna
    6 Mushrooms
    100g Beansprouts
    200g Noodles
    Olive Oil

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1. Put a good shake of frozen peas into a pan with boiling water. Leave it on a back burner and drain when they’re cooked.

2. Meanwhile, take a medium sized wok and drizzle some olive oil into the base. Toss in some mushrooms. If they’re the tiny button variety, then leave them whole; otherwise thin slices works well. Keep turning this round for several minutes so the mushrooms start to soften.

3. Add the drained and cooked peas in with the mushrooms and just enough oil, as and when, to keep it from sticking.

4. Drain a tin of tuna. Whether it’s in oil or brine, you want to taste the tuna, so get it as dry as you can and add to the pan.

5. Next come the beansprouts. These are a marvellous addition. Packets just come in one size, so even a third of a packet will be a lot. If you’re scaling this up to feed a few people, then you’ll probably use most of a pack. Don’t forget to wash them really thoroughly.

6. With beansprouts in the pan, add a drop more oil and stir continuously. The beansprouts need about 3 minutes to cook.

7. Now comes the MAHI! For this recipe we are using the Mango and Lime MAHI. This will give a zingy lift to the tuna and mushrooms. How much you add is up to you. You’re the chef! Start with two tablespoons and after stirring and heating, have a taste.

8. While that finishes, take a second pan and a drop of olive oil. Let it get to a moderate heat and then place in some fresh egg noodles. These usually take 2-3 minutes. Keep them moving in the pan.

9. When the noodles are cooked through, you want to serve them straight away. You can add a little sauce into the noodles, to coat them first. Or you can serve the noodles on the plate and then put the sauce on the top.

10.Enjoy. From MAHI with love!


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