Spicy Seitan Chicken Burger
Spicy Seitan Chicken Burger 34

What Does It Taste Like? Seitan has a savory taste, probably closest to bland chicken or a portobello mushroom. Seitan has a mild flavour on its own but can take on many more flavours from different recipes. In this special recipe we rustle up both a spicy and filling burger. This dish serves 4 and is ready in approx 70 mins (1hr prep time and 10 mins cooking time).

Pre Time And Cook time

Prep Time: 60min
Cook time: 10min

    1 cup of vital wheat gluten
    4 tbsp of nutritional yeast
    1 tsp of onion powder
    1 tsp of garlic powder
    4 tsp of cayenne pepper
    1tsp of salt
    tsp of black pepper
    1tsp smoked paprika
    cup of breadcrumbs
    1 cup of plain flour
    3 tbsp MAHI Peri Peri Hot sauce
    7 cups of low sodium vegetable broth

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1. Firstly, pour 7 cups of veg broth in a large pan and leave this to boil.

2. Add all of your dry ingredients (except the flour and breadcrumbs) into a large bowl and stir them well.

3. Add the ½ cup of veg broth into the dry ingredients until the mix becomes one malleable dough like shape (if it has become to tough add a little bit more broth to the mix).

4. Using a knife cut the seitan mix into 4 and then with your hands kneed them into patty shapes – make sure they are thin as they do fatten up when boiling.

5. Once the broth in the pan is boiling add the 4 patties to the pan and cover on a low heat for approx 45mins.

6. Whilst the patties are boiling mix the plain flour, cayenne pepper and breadcrumbs into a bowl and mix well.

7. I also use this time to chop any vegetable and to make a tasty spicy sauce by mixing one cup of vegan mayo with 3 tbsp of Mahi peri peri hot sauce and mixing well.

8. Once all patties are ready and dry, place them into the flour mix and coat them on both sides.

9. After this cover each patty the Mahi peri peri hot sauce and place in a lightly oiled frying pan for around 6 mins – turning until they turn brown each side.

10. Add each delicious patty into a burger bun adding the MAHINaise sauce and some fresh vegetables and enjoy.


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