Spicy Beans and Salsa
Spicy Beans and Salsa 43

This is a wonderfully satisfying meal that's easy to scale up and share with friends. Hot beans, soft pitta bread and a fresh cold salsa - what's not to love!

Pre Time And Cook time

Prep Time: 20min
Cook time: 50min

    White Onion
    Tin of red kidney beans
    MAHI Green Savina Habanero
    White Pitta Bread
    Salsa (tomato
    lemon juice and dried coriander)

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  1. Make salsa by mixing tomato and onion, drizzled with lemon juice and sprinkled with coriander.
  2. Stir fry diced onion in olive oil.
  3. When browning, add drained red kidney beans and passata.
  4. Add MAHI sauce.
  5. Split open pitta breads and fill with beans and salsa. Enjoy!

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