King Prawn Salad
King Prawn Salad 44

Our version of a delicious King Prawn salad! This is a classic salad with a refreshing Asian twist - perfect for a summer Sunday lunch or for cheeky weekday snack - add marinade to taste! A fresh, light and healthy salad with bursts of flavour. Top tip: If you're not a fan of prawns, substitute it for anything you'd prefer - chicken fillets or tofu - you choose! Cooking and prep time based on this recipe is only a short 15 minutes. This dish serves 1.

Pre Time And Cook time

Prep Time: 20min
Cook time: 50min

    For The Prawns 10 Fresh Cleaned King Prawns
    4 tsp Peri Peri Lime And Coriander Marinade
    1/4 Fresh Lime
    Pinch Of Black Pepper & Garlic Salt
    For The Salad :
    1 Bag Mixed Salad
    1 Chopped Avocado
    A Handful of Finely Chopped Fresh Coriander
    Dressing :
    1/2 Finely Chopped Red Onion
    1/2 Finely Chopped Red Chilli (Optional)
    A Pinch of Black Pepper & Himalayan Salt
    A Sprinkle of Parmesan

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  1. Marinade the prawns with Peri Peri lime and coriander marinade in a bowl. Freshly squeeze ¼ fresh lime and mix. Season with garlic salt and pepper. If you have some time, cover with cling film and marinade for up to 12 hours beforehand. If not, don’t worry, you’ll still be able to taste the wonderful flavours!
  2. Put together the salad! Bash together a bag of mixed salad, one chopped avocado and chop up a handful of coriander in a bowl.
  3. Next? What’s a salad without dressing! Squeeze the rest of the lime in a small bowl and add onions and chill, and two teaspoons of lime and coriander marinade and dress with coriander. Do ensure you have chopped up the red onion, added some chilli (if you like a little bit of fire), squeeze the remaining ¾ of lime you have and add two teaspoons of lime and coriander marinade. Mix, shake, mix. Some salt, some pepper. Dressing done.
  4. Heat up a pan, with a teaspoon of coconut oil – lightly fry the prawns a minute or so on either end until done.
  5. Layer up – get a plate – put the salad, add the prawns, top with dressing and sprinkle some parmesan to finish.

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